“It's been almost a year since our chat and so many of your messages have actually turned into occurrences. The advice I have received has been so effective in my life, and I've reached a wonderful peak of happiness and contentment! Edna you truly are a blessing and God's gift!” Jo

“Thanks so much for the reading. It was both enlightening and fun. You have a great gift.” Mira

"Thanks for the great reading, you are wonderful...and now you won't get rid of me!!" Tim L., Bridgewater NS

"Amazing... ...we are truly blessed to have someone like Edna"
Wendalynn, BC read more

"I have known Edna Aker for about 13 years... ...Her readings have proven to be very accurate,... ...I enjoy all aspects of my friendship/ professional relationship with Edna." Patricia B, NS read more

"I have known Edna for twenty-eight years now. She is simply amazing! There is not enough words to describe her incredible ability to predict the future let alone tell you about the present and the past. She is awesome and very accurate. I cannot tell how many events in my life that have happened that she has predicted. With Edna’s guidance it certainly makes life a lot easier to handle."
Mona Pearl, Kentville, NS

"Edna offers a guiding hand on that path with her wonderful spirit and energy. Every visit with her is a pleasure and is sure to enlighten.... ...she is a trusted confidante for me" Deanne read more

"I have known Edna Aker for well over 20 years. I consider her to be one of the best Psychics that I know and I have seen many over my years.... ...I refer people to Edna on regular basis because I am confident in her abilities as a psychic." S. Shepherd read more

" Everything this amazing woman tells me comes true. The energy that this amazing woman gives off is so unbelievable." Shelley D. read more

"Edna is a woman possessing great insight and wisdom."
Reid Walter Lohnes, Healing Arts Practitioner read more

"I have been a client of Edna's for 15 plus years. Each time I receive a reading it feels like my first time."
A Boutilier read more

"So right on target! Even the small little things that I'd have said were unlikely came to pass. Major events Edna predicted were eerily on. Spooky really! Even the dates were exact!" Faye

"truly gifted!!"
Stephanie, Halifax read more

"Psychic." Yes, she definitely is!!!... ...Many times I have turned to Edna... ...EDNA TOUCHES YOU IN A SPECIAL WAY WHEN YOU HAVE A READING"
Judie read more

"I came as a skeptic, and left in awe of this wonderful woman.... ... Amazing!!... ...Edna Aker is a truly gifted psychic!"
Carmelita A. Hearn, Teacher, Musician, Halifax, Nova Scotia read more

"Edna is an incredible psychic. She is extremely insightful and full of inspiration.... ...She is always honest and straightforward; No 'hogwash.... ...She is a magnificent healer and a very gifted soul."
Joanna Baker read more

"Edna has literally saved my life and over the years many of her predictions have surfaced. God blessed Edna with such a phenomenal gift"
Shirley O read more
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