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"I met Edna in 1997 while working on a film about Psychics and was an absolute skeptic. Since then most of the people I work with go to Edna regularly for readings and advice. I too have gone and was totally amazed at how intuitive she is and how special she makes you feel about our own self worth! She is truly an inspiration to anyone who is willing to take a leap of faith and delve into the unknown."
Patsy Coughran, Halifax, NS

"My reading was amazing!!!!! I can most certainly see why people like Edna."

" amazed by Edna's reading... ...I would suggest that EVERYONE experience the insights of her craft."
Dean Amero, Fitness and Lifestyle coach read more

"The first two times I met Edna were on the phone. With only my name and birth date, Edna flowed with information regarding my life. These were, undoubtedly, two of the richest hours I have ever experienced. Since that time, Edna and I have grown to be friends. I respect and trust her on all levels - spiritually, physically and emotionally. I accept that the growth I have experienced prior to and since knowing Edna has been my karma. Edna has taught me, however, that we can reposition ourselves with free will. I know that the unconditional love and integrity that Edna brings to her psychic counseling have contributed greatly to the conscious choices I now make and the manner in which I continue to evolve karmically."
With gratitude and love, Kim Lorraine Atwood.

"Edna has been my true friend for 16 years. She is an inspiration to all who meet her. We are allowed permission to be who we truly are (warts and all) in Edna's presence. She calms and uplifts the worried soul. I have seen people come to Edna for guidance and also as their last resource for answers. Within the timeframe of a reading; walk out with purpose and power in their steps. A person always has peace of mind & a sense of well-being after her readings. She instills in people the power of spirit and worthiness to be loved just the way we are. Edna is truly gifted and provides a safe haven when we are lost. Through her reading she allows a person the courage to show up for life. She has learned by living it. God only sends difficult trails to those he has blessed. Edna is truly blessed! Edna makes a difference in our world."
Luella King

"Edna - thank you so much for Cory's reading today. It blew us away."
Lisa and Cory

"she is a true inspiration, what a wonderful person... ...Edna tells you like it is... ...She is very accurate"
Annette read more

"Take it from me...your first visit will not be your last."
Walter Gates read more

"As an instructor with the Nova Scotia Community College in the School of Health and Human Services my 1st year Introduction to Psychology classes were privileged to have renowned psychic Edna Aker speak to the class while we were studying the unit on ESP and other phenomena. Edna's caring personality enabled her to connect and share her experiences and knowledge with the students. Even though I had known Edna for 5 years I learned a great deal about her background, variety of experiences and reasons for her dedication to the psychic profession that day. What was notable was her sense of humor as well as her ability to engage each person in the room. I would encourage each class in the future to invite her share her experiences because it was so enlightening."
Anne Murray, B.A., B.S.W., M.S.W.

"an effective speaker... ...exudes energy... ...with power and conviction... ...It is my pleasure to recommend Edna as a Workshop Facilitator."
Luella S King, President/Founder, South Western Career Institute Inc read more

"incredibly accurate... ...When she spoke everyone was floored by her... ...Edna is a truly amazing and talented person and anyone who has the chance to have a reading with her is truly blessed."
Natalia Brown read more

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