“Thanks for all your advice and wisdom.  So much of what you have told me has already come true.” T.L.

“Edna has a beautiful soul and a warm heart. I've had two readings with Edna and they were extremely accurate. Many of the things she described have been happening. Her gift is truly amazing and she uses it to help people in a positive way. I was referred to her by at least 5 people that all had nothing but wonderful things to say about her. I will tell others of this amazing experience. Thank you, Edna for bringing peace and healing to others. “  Chelsey D, Halifax

 “Just wanted to say Thank you, because with the guidance you've given me, I'm so much happier!” Judy

"I'm so impressed by Edna’s gift and service. She is excellent!"  Malissa, NJ

“Edna is such a loving presence. She gives me the confidence to move forward in my dreams”.

“Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our experiences!  Thank you!!”   Alicia

“Thank you for a great afternoon, the four of us had a great time. It was a pleasure to meet you, and I hope to see you again in the near future!”   Angie

“What can I say, she nailed it! She knew me as well as I know myself and if that’s all an act, its Oscar worthy.” Cindy Sampson - Supernatural Investigator # 201: Fortune Telling- Vision TV Read More.

"A reading with Edna is like suddenly being given access to the best and brightest parts of you. She sees beyond the surface you present, deep into who you really are, and what you might be here on this Earth to do. I left Edna’s feeling that I had been given a sacred glimpse into my own soul and my potential."
--Renée Hartleib, Writer, Halifaxs

"I came to see you for a reading in March of 1988. A friend of mine told me about you and she asked me to come see you. I am a seafarer. I went out of my way to hide my tattoos and anything that would give away my vocation.You told me that you saw fire on the water and that you thought many people had died.On April 22 1988, just less than four weeks later I was in the Mid Atlantic when a large Gasoline tanker exploaded and killed everyone right in front of me! The sea was on fire everywhere. Just thought you might be interested."  Greg M

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