People have contacted Edna from across the globe. From Europe, Asia, India, Germany, Greenland, Iceland and Australia to North, South and Central America, all looking for something; guidance, insight or a glimpse of what's to come.

Documented through testimonials, both verbal and written, Edna has helped many people through difficult times by giving them hope through her readings and through guest speaking appearances. She has been told that "she makes one feel safe and comfortable with whom they are" and""there is no judgment upon the individual, their circumstances or choices made."

All of Edna's readings are private, one-on-one readings. Edna realizes that with her business, CONFIDENTIALITY of the client is key in what she does. All readings take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour in length [any time after the first initial hour may be subject to a further charge of $25.00 per additional 15 minutes depending on Edna's discretion.]

Client readings are recorded on a CD for their convenience and are given the CD for review once the reading is completed. [There is only the one copy.] Edna uses energy cards, tarot cards and water. She is the only person documented in the world, to our knowledge, that does this type of reading, since Nostradamus. The accuracy of her readings is phenomenal. Please read some of the testimonials and see.

A reading with Edna can be either by phone, on computer or at her office location. Appointments are necessary. Edna can be booked as a guest speaker for seminars and accepts and encourages bookings for larger group parties through telephone, computer and in person at her home office location [certain restrictions and conditions apply; inquire today.]”

Gift Certificates are also available. Contact Edna today for additional information.
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