Computer Readings

Now with the help of technology, Edna is able to come into your home and speak with you face to face no matter where you are in the world. All you need is a computer, a webcam and a microphone. This process is very accurate and has been very well received by all individuals who have tried it. [Both individually and in a larger group party setting.]

Similar with all of Edna’s readings, Edna realizes that with her business, CONFIDENTIALITY of the client is key in what she does and therefore regardless of what type of session is booked, the client is read in a private one-on–one session with Edna.

Cost: $100.00, Cdn funds.

All readings take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour in length [any time after the first initial hour may be subject to a further charge of $25.00 per additional 15 minutes depending on Edna's discretion.]

Once contact occurs a tentative appointment is made that's convenient to you and Edna's schedule and arrangements are then made by making payment by sending a certified cheque, Western Union, online bank transfer or Pay Pal - [No personal cheques or credit cards are accepted. However Paypal and Western Union will accept credit cards.]   Once the payment has been received by Edna, you are contacted with a final confirmation of the appointment.  Edna then will contact you regarding the appointed date and time. Upon completion of your session, your CD will be mailed to your attention.

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