Born October 1946. I have always had this gift and ability to see things both past and present for myself and for others here on this earth, and for those on another plane.

In my early years I would sense things that would happen more often than I could count. Upon the birth of my first child my senses and experiences with this gift increased and for fun and sometimes out of necessity, due to spirit acknowledgment, I would read people who came to see me and stop certain people whom I felt compelled to say something to. All responded positively to the message I needed to tell them.

Through the years I have had many life experiences and have seen many things; [even my own death.] Although some of these experiences have resulted in lifelong challenges, the one thing that has seemed to remain constant was my gifting. With each challenge came enhanced abilities that have increased my insight tremendously thus permitting superior, specific and more accurate readings.

My experience with this phenomenon has kept me very humble yet feeling very blessed for being able to meet and help so many people throughout the years. As a professional of more than twenty seven years in this area I continue to amaze myself with the gift I have been given and for the opportunities that have presented themselves as well as making and meeting new friends and amazing people from all walks in life.
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