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Insert from the "Frank" magazine, April 6, 2004, article written by Frank Grunt

Psychic seal of approval for Cathy’s new man…..

Four days after she was served divorce papers, Cathy Jones has stopped goofing around. The comedic genius, without who CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes would be reduced to sophomoric Royal Canadian Air Farce status, tells me she’s so deeply in love these days that she feels likes an all-new, exhilarating, pedal-to-the-metal episode of Wind At My Back. Yes. Things are that good.

And the reason for all this bliss is Cathy’s longtime psychic Edna Aker, who, through her spiritual guidance, has landed Catherine Frederica Jones, 48, safely in the arms of current love, Tom Wilson, 45, the driving force behind Canada’s much acclaimed roots rock band Blackie & The Rodeo Kings.

Move over Catherine MacKinnon and Don Harron, because Canada, at long last, has a new Showbiz Power Couple!

Ms. Jones and Mr. Wilson … came together in February, when Cathy was playing a one-women show in Ottawa at the same time Tom and his power trio were rockin’ at the Barrymore Music Hall.

Ironically, the Divine Ms. J.’s one-woman show was called, Me, Dad, & The Hundred Boyfriends. It was penciled in at the Great Canadian Theatre Co. from Feb. 10 to 22. However, on the night of Friday, Feb. 20, Cathy and an Ottawa friend Andy made themselves available to catch B&RK over on Bank Street.

A long time fan of Wilson’s going back to his Planet Love solo album in 2001, Cathy thought that after the show she might just hang out and get an autograph or sumthum’ like that. She didn’t snag the autograph. But she did bag Tom’s heart and soul.

On Monday of that week soul-less burgs in the known universe, Cathy, was feeling alone and dispirited.

That afternoon, in a desperate attempt to reach out, to find some goodness, to connect with someone who cared, she rang Kentville and Edna, Psychic to the Stars. Edna told Cathy to relax, take a deep breath, and that by the week’s end there would be great love in store for her. Ol’ Edna was right, again….

October 2009, addition of Downhome Magazine in Newfoundland

When people hear the word “occult” they often imagine mustachioed men in tall hats and long capes snickering wickedly as they hatch diabolical schemes. Or they think of Halloween and all things associated with the unknown and the mysterious. Some folks have a negative view of the occult because they don’t understand it. But if you had a chance to speak with those who live on the fringes of this world – like psychic Edna Aker, hypnotist Gary Summers and illusionist David Copperfield – perhaps you would see it isn’t such a scary place after all.

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