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Psychic gift lands Kentville medium on TV
INTERVIEW: Anna-Marie Galante - The Regional Magazine, November 2, 2004
Makeover shows are all the rage on TV but who would have guessed there could be so many angles to a theme? Medium Edna Aker might have foreseen such a phenomenon. Aker calls it energy work, among other things, and she does it well enough to have developed a circle of devoted fiends and clients in the 27 years that she has lived in Kentville. Recently, her clientele has included CBC comedienne Cathy Jones, who invited Aker to a guest-spot on an upcoming series called "Psychic Makeover." (Aptly, Jones was in the make-up department when I called the production office of This Hour Has 22 Minutes to confirm.)

Aker debuted on the screen five years ago with six other psychics in a National Film Board production called "The Kitchen Goddess." It hasn't been an easy calling and there is sadness attached. She became more immersed in the art about 12 years ago, after the death of two of her six children. Now a grandmother of four, Edna looks forward to seeing her young grand children whenever she can, and is renewing her marriage vows with her husband Paul on Nov. 13.

AM: Let's start at the beginning.

EDNA: I grew up in a family in which everybody did reading: cousins, aunts, uncle, mother. If you wanted to communicate with anybody you did it through cards, regular cards.

AM: Where did you grow up?

EDNA: River Road Avonport, West Brooklyn

AM: Brother and sisters?

EDNA: Twelve

AM: And so you all did this, but you say you hid it when you went to school to avoid being labeled. Were there times you couldn't hide it?

EDNA: In '72 I predicted my own death. I saw it. I saw that I would be killed by a black car. Everybody said I was nuts.

AM: Your mother was ready to have you committed, but your cousin believed you and convinced you to go for a drive to calm everybody down.

EDNA: We came to a black car overturned in the road. We stopped to help (and) an oncoming car struck that car like this. right onto me. I was legally dead for 20 minutes. I was partially paralyzed for 10 years. My long and short term memory were affected. I went directly into the light. I found out I was meant to come back and teach people. It took them years to rebuild my face. I had the memory of a two year-old kid. I ended up getting a divorce. It was formal by '77 and I got in with Paul. We've been married ever since - 27 years. I moved to Kentville in 1977, and we moved here in 1978.

AM: Losing your memory must have been nerve wracking.

EDNA: If you can't remember, it's not really nerve-wracking. (Laughs.) I learned to call everyone "dear" and "hon" and got them to write it down for me. But I lived with this fear of being locked up.

AM: You read your own cards. What did they say?

EDNA: They said I'd be divorce within a year, have three marriage proposals, buy a wedding dress and move. AM: Is it too painful to talk about your daughter?

EDNA: In '89 my daughter was raped and knifed. She hanged herself after the trial. Two years later I lost another child. I didn't legally adopt him but his parents had died. I was his godmother. He died in 1992.

AM: When you finally came to terms with your psychic gift, did appreciation follow?

EDNA: I was picked with six or seven psychics for a movie. It took them six years.

AM: Who directed it?

EDNA: Donna Davies, from Halifax. I'm on the cover jacket! She did another one called Edna and Me. There are a couple of books that are being written and the new (TV) series coming out, a half-program called "Psychic Makeover," with Kathy Jones.

AM: What's the best part about your job?

EDNA: I love it when people go back to school. When they realize they are that intelligent and have gone back and opened up; I feel like the teacher that sees people graduate all the time. Eighty percent of my clients, when I do their readings, I go into their soul level and tell them where they went wrong and how to open up your life and change their life. Seventy - five to 89 percent changed and got on the right road because of the readings. I've done people from all walks of life--- duchesses, hookers, politicians, stuffed shirts with no true identities. I think everybody in the world has psychic powers, it's that intuitive instinct.

AM: Ever help the police with investigations?

EDNA: Every psychic does, but since my daughter died I don't like finding missing people as much. I just turned down a big TV show about that. I'm more about finding the living inside yourself, and rescuing your soul so you won't have to regret so much.                                                                                                                           Next Page>>
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